The Facebook Like Button is everywhere, almost. With LikePlus you can share the content you like on Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. LikePlus integrates the Facebook Like button into Google search results, your Twitter stream and LinkedIn company profiles.

LikePlus is a Kynetx Browser Application that extends Google, Twitter and LinkedIn to enable you to share your favoriate content with your friends on Facebook. Take LikePlus for a test drive today to starting Liking your Tweets!

Google Google search results include the Facebook Like count for each item in the search results and you can Like each search result item as well.
Twitter The Facebook Like button is add to each tweet in your stream & you can Like an individual tweet. Comments can also be added in the tweet details pane.
LinkedIn Each company profile on LinkedIn includes a Facebook Like button that displays the current count and enables you to Like the company and add a comment.
YouTube Quickly see your Facebook friends that liked a video, and provide your own comments that will be posted to your Facebook Newsfeed.